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Understanding Communication Styles:
Key to Collaboration in the Workplace

   When: Tuesday, September 16th, from 7:30 - 9:30 AM
   Where: Portland Country Club, Falmouth, ME

This program will introduce participants to the Communication Styles Framework developed by Bob Keteyian in his book, Do You Know What I Mean? - Discovering Your Personal Communication Style. Participants will discover their core processing strengths, the impact their style has on others and the tools best suited to good communication practices. The Communication Styles Framework is an ideal tool for team development, approaching difficult conversations, and aligning leadership and communication style.

About Our Presenter
Bob Keteyian, Interpersonal Communication Consulting, www.robertketeyian.com

Eric SheperdBob Keteyian lives and works on the coast of Maine near Acadia National Park.  In 1980 he opened his practice at the same location where he works today, helping businesses, organizations and families develop effective communication practices.  With the publication of his book, Do You Know What I Mean? - Discovering Your Personal Communication Style in 2009, Bob pioneered an innovative approach (supported by recent research) in the field of interpersonal communication. Now through his consulting practice, Bob teaches leadership communication, interpersonal problem-solving, and team-building using the Communication Styles Framework. His specialty is helping people have important/difficult conversations.  As a consultant, teacher, and presenter at the national level, Bob’s work has a powerful and durable impact. 

   Registration required by the end of day    
   Wednesday prior to the event.

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